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Our company has been founded in 1954 by Mr. Marien Maas sr.

Marien Maas sr. was a rightful pioneer in the onionsetworld. Very little people know that he was the first one who started a firm in Holland. Initially this happened in cooperative form.
He predicted a growing interest in onionsets because of the fact that consumption onions grown out of onionsets are much earlier deliverable than those grown out of seed. It really covered a demand in the market. "MAAS" grew a lot in the fifties and sixties because of growing interest and little competition.

In the sixties however, the competition started growing so much that it got difficult to survive. There were so many companies, that surviving was only possible by specialization and supplying articles of maximum quality like "MAAS" did and still does. In these difficult years a lot of companies went bankrupt or looked for other work to survive.

The crisis in the onionsetindustry lasted till the end of the eighties and less than 10 of once 90 companies survived. After years of struggle we could grow again. "MAAS" doubled the sales and production and built up a firm to face the new century in a healthy way.

With new heat-treatmentcellars a new store and new productionline MAAS is ready for the future.

Important years:

foundation "MAAS" by Marien Maas sr.
60's: Chris and Jo Maas, sons of M. Maas sr. in the firm.
early 70's: Chris Maas out of the firm, Marien sr. and Jo continue
1977: foundation of the present company by Jo Maas and his brother in law Ad Pak. Marien sr. stops
1989: Marien Maas jr. son of Jo Maas joins the firm
80's: "MAAS" stops breeding itself and continues with only contracting farmers which results in a much better organization
90's: doubling sales/production. Big expansion "MAAS". Marien marries Esther Verwijs in 1995 and she comes to join the management.
2000 till now: Ad and Jo leave the management. Marien and Ester Maas continue the business.