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M. Maas Kruiningen BV sells onionsets on contractbasis and also on daily basis.
When bought on contract it means that certain quantity of onionsets will be delivered during season according to an earlier agreed price!
The big advantage is that the customer has certainty about price and deliverytime. When the market rises, than the onionsets which are bought on contract are not involved.
Disadvantage of this way of buying is that when the marketprices drops down one can buy to expensive.

Practice shows that when people always buy on contract, in 80% of the cases the right choice is made. "Maas Kruiningen" sells about 80% on contract.


"MAAS" tries to keep a part of free stock to deliver daily orders. In that way the buyer is sure on an actual competitive price which has to insure the margin. Unfortunately it occurs that of certain types there is no stock or not enough stock to make an offer. This can be caused by rising demand or bad harvest. When a breeder absolutely whishes to breed and sell a certain variety it is wise to buy on contract.