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Quality is very important. "MAAS" has a solid group of farmers, they know what it is to breed quality. "MAAS" has a keen dryingcapacity which takes care for all the sets getting dry in the shortest time possible.
"MAAS" has excellent selectionpossibilities and the right people on the right place to take care for the "FINISHING TOUCH".

Do you know that the management itself looks after the product from begins till the end. It already starts with the improvement of the seed of many varieties which "MAAS" looks after. Also during growth in the field one of the responsible people controls the onionsets to give advises and to allocate possible problems before they arise. During harvest the management itself is on the sift. Also during selection on the band the management is always there and knows exactly what goes in the bag.

Therefore only the best can be "MAAS"